Powder Post Beetles & Termite Control

Exterminate all powder post beetles and termites from your home or office with Beaumont Pest Control of Ringgold, Georgia. Whether you are managing a property or simply want to keep your building up to code, our professionals are here to help.

Clipboard for Inspection - Termite Control

Termite Inspection

Our team offers this service for real estate closings. We perform a complete inspection on your home to check for termites, powder post beetles, carpenter ants, and wood-destroying bees. Our experts also report any fungi found on wood in the crawlspace.

If we detect any of these problems, we offer liquid treatment programs with warranties that are renewable on an annual basis. The treatment can even be done with in the same day. We also recommend annual inspections to ensure that termites are not quickly getting into any hollow boxes, or for any other damage to the property.

Treatments & Clearance Letters

Our crew drills holes in the crawlspace, brick veneers, and concrete slabs. We then inject the chemical into the slabs and wood to terminate the termites at label standards. Our techs inspect within a 60-day period for quality control to make sure that everything has cleared.

Powder Post Beetles

These beetles like to drill holes in the wood and leave behind their larva. The larva eats the wood and creates a sawdust powder. They also come from moisture in the wood. We place moisture control and vapor barrier foundation vents under the homes so that you are not subject to the beetles.

If you have damage from beetles, we recommend hiring a licensed contractor to resolve that problem immediately, or a beginner structure to prevent further damage. Once the contractor is done fixing any issues, we come back to place the vapor barriers to prevent any future reoccurrence. We also treat the wood that may not have been repaired with our chemicals.

Contact us to ensure your property is free of powder post beetles and termites with the help of Beaumont Pest Control, LLC.